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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I feel like I've been beaten

Our trip was great. It's the homecoming that was challenging.

The morning we left Colorado, I felt a little tickle in my throat... nothing big, nothing to worry about. Ha! Steadily, since we returned to Texas, the little tickle has grown into a raging sore throat. My head feels like it's full of concrete; usually on only one side of my head at a time. My throat and ears itch and hurt, and now I've added a wretched cough to my litany of complaints. My "Rocky Mountain High" has turned into a South Texas Low.

It does feel rather like my body is mirroring my soul. I love the mountains and I wasn't ready to leave. I loved the opportunity to rest (which is rare in our household), to be with Gordon all day, and to engage in my creative bead pursuit as well as various other outdoor activities that feed my soul. My heart was sick to leave, so my body followed suit.

I walked into the office Monday to find 180-something emails; that, even after setting the "rule" to automatically send out the "I'm away from the office" message. I waded through that, met our new student, worked on reports, and generally had an administrative sort of day.

Tuesday was another story entirely. I was the only one in the office for the greater part of the day. I did all the referals and crisis issues. One of those issues involved one of our nurses. She had a meltdown at work, had me paged, and left the building to go home before I could return the page. I wound up at her house last night for a couple of hours. Life is just so hard. Through up a prayer or two for her.

Have I ever told you that I love nurses? Well, I do. I'm sure that there's some sick, twisted, unhealthy angle to that love... the one that has to do with being caregivers and the temptation to do too much. At the same time, there is a healthy respect for the rigors of what nurses do. My gosh, we expect perfection. If the world only knew the demands... you'd be surprised.

Pick up a magazine. Watch the evening news. All you hear is how unsafe hospitals are. Yes, there are many safety concerns. Last year during my mother's hospitalization and surgery, I was stunned by a number of errors. My former CEO had a horrific experience during his father's hospitalization following a heart attack. (Neither of these events took place in one of our hospitals!)

While I know there is reason for concern, there is also reason for gratitude. I work daily with people who give their all to eliminate, or at least alleviate, illness and suffering. Remarkable stories of healing and love are regular occurences. Remarkable people consistently risk their hearts by caring for those in need.

Nothing quite like rambling, huh?

Well, here's hoping that my allergy/cold/respiratory mess clears up quickly. In the meanwhile, I'm looking for a way to keep the mountains in my heart.


Blogger bobbie said...

i hope you're feeling better.

i love nurses too. how a few bad apples has spoiled the devotion of many.

4:46 AM  
Blogger a journey said...

I spent 8 weeks in the hospital 2 years ago and I am with you ... I love nurses. I didn't want to be one before my stay and I still don't, but I thank God for the souls that are drawn to be one. No, mine weren't perfect, but they do so much.

I also love hospital chaplains. Marge was my 'angel with skin on' Her prayers and words were the bright spot of my day many times. I pray for her periodically and now when I remember her, I will also add your name.

Blessings and peace,

8:24 AM  
Anonymous j91962 said...

thank you so very much. this is time where i stand in need of much prayer.
blessings right back- j

6:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love nurses also, I even married one. But look a little closer and you will find other dedicated professionals working within the hospital that are largely overlooked and given little credit. These forgotten individuals look on as others show their appreciation to the very visual nurse and doctor. These are also individuals that have dedicated their lives to helping others.

Last night I was on-call for a small hospital. After leaving work at 5:30pm I was back again at 8PM, 1AM, 4AM and then back at work at 7:30AM for the day. No one said thanks, the patients had no idea how many times I had been there or the time I spent there after seeing them or the little sleep I had, only the nurse that call me in.


6:42 PM  
Anonymous Jeanene said...


No intention to neglect the rest of the multitude of healthcare providers who fall outside the catagory of nurses; I just had my thoughts turned to nurses in particular on the day I wrote this.

Sounds like you had a fun night on-call. (sarcasm dripping...) The older I get, the tougher it is to recover from the kind of night you described in your comment.

I hope that someone in your hospital expresses their value of your commitment and what you provide to patients.


9:07 PM  
Blogger Wandering Willow said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your stay in our beautiful, amazing state! The area you visited is so gorgeous!! I can understand why your heart was hesitant to leave. That's why I live here.

Sorry about that bug in your throat, though. ick. There's a bunch of that going around the whole country, it seems.

~ bonnie ~

5:24 PM  

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